Amelco Partners with SimpleBet

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The addition of micro-betting is a hugely exciting opportunity to fuel our ambitious U.S growth strategy for the rest of 2023.

Our partnership with B2B supplier SimpleBet provides micro-betting capabilities to all of our U.S clients.

This innovative addition is a great opportunity to enhance the options for consumers to micro-bet on, as well as increase fan engagement throughout a range of sports. Micro-betting allows players to bet on every aspect of a game such as pitches in baseball, or plays during football. The concept of betting in-play is likely to be a huge attraction for punters and is another exciting leap for sports bettors within the industry.

Chris Bevilacqua, CEO at Simplebet comments on the partnership:

Bevilacqua, CEO at Simplebet, said: “We’re excited to join forces with Amelco and add them to our strong roster of partners that are integrated with our micro-betting solution.  It’s become clear that operators have a growing need to fill the demands of their customers in regard to the micro-betting category, and partnering with Amelco will only further our reach.

“Onboarding new partners and providing high-quality service has continued to be a huge focus and we look forward to working together with Amelco to create a great experience for its customers. There’s a constant journey towards providing instant-gratification betting moments, and our collaboration will allow us to bring these to more players than ever before.”

Brandon Walker, Head of Amelco USA said: “This is yet another big step in the right direction and this focus on micro-betting will stand us in good stead ahead of some huge upcoming sporting events.

“With March Madness proving to be a standout success in our first debut together, the US sporting calendar for 2023 is beginning to hot up with the start of the MLB season and the NBA playoffs. Simplebet will be available in all the states we are currently live in and I’m sure this partnership will continue to scale and prove to be a real game changer for all our operators.”


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