Lottery and casino


Lotto Products

Amelco offers two lotto products, one for manual creation and resulting offering 9 bet types and allowing for different combinations and outcomes, the second is feed driven and has three different bet types.

Player Account Management

Create and manage unique bonus campaigns and monitor their effectiveness for segments against control groups.

Affiliate Driven Bussiness

Grow your business using an affiliate system that optimises network integration, affiliate payments and cookie tracking.

Reporting and BI

Parameter driven on screen reporting with the ability to generate your own reports using SQL and Integration to your existing data warehouse.

Payments Made Easy

Seamless deposits and withdrawals for sportsbook, lottery and gaming customers. Visa and Mastercard integrations, multi channel wallet and intuitive payment UI's.

Look and feel made easy

Empower the user to customise the look and feel of their sportsbook in real time with no technical experience using our dynamic page layout.

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