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We are thrilled to be a Gold Headline Sponsor at SBC North America.

Our full end-to-end solution is a modular system with scalable features that make it adaptable to fit into an existing system, tailored to our customer’s needs.

At Amelco we pride ourselves on being the world’s most comprehensive platform. We look forward to meeting our partners and potential customers out in New Jersey as we look to strengthen our U.S offering.

Find the Interview below with Brandon Walker, Head of Amelco USA, talking about why he is so confident Amelco remains in an influential position.

SBC: As a headline sponsor of SBC Summit North America, tell us what Amelco has planned for the show? 

Brandon Walker: We’re really looking forward to the show, it’s been a great year for us so far. We’ll definitely be talking about our most recent partnerships, while making sure we don’t rest on our laurels. SBC North America will be a great opportunity for us to continue building our brand image whilst engaging with potential partners, working out exactly how we can tailor our product to best suit our customers.

A recent highlight is our partnership with Simplebet, which is one we’re very excited about, as micro-betting will be a hot topic on this year’s agenda. BetSwap is another, which in effect means we’ll soon be offering prospective partners both micro-betting and a unique cash-out marketplace. This is going to be a real differentiator towards making sure they stand out with prospective bettors.  

New states opening up will also be a hot topic. We’ve launched in Ohio and Maryland so far this year, recording some of our strongest ever go-live numbers to date. We also plan to enter Massachusetts and Ontario in the coming months – so we’ll have plenty more to discuss there too. 

Last but not least, the iGaming element of our platform is going to be another major talking point, which we’ll be launching this summer in New Jersey.

SBC: Given you’re billed as North America’s most comprehensive platform, can you tell us more about what’s fuelling your US growth? 

BW: Amelco is all about creating a one-stop shop that offers all technological components under the same roof. We have dedicated roadmaps for each partner, ensuring we deliver not just a robust gaming platform but also adhering to specific requirements from our customers, setting us apart from other platform providers. 

We pride ourselves on continuous improvement, allowing the quality of our platform to evolve by carefully assessing the possibility of new integrations that will add substantial value to our partners.

I believe the key to our success is due to having a solid, scalable platform that’s been fully tailored to suit the American market. It’s taken a lot of commitment, effort, and time to get to this spot but by keeping our focus set, it has solidified our positioning as one of the best. 

That success comes from covering all-bases, with our ‘traveling wallet’ being a great example of this – essentially making the lives of operators and bettors easier by ensuring that they can travel between states while using the same app. Previously, the first movers in the US market faced a real hurdle with this, as users had to download a new app every time they crossed state lines. 

Of course, our partners have been key to making this happen. Unveiling micro-betting during March Madness ensured BetSaracen was able to boost its overall handle and hold. On that note, we’ve also been able to do something really special when it comes to local sport. Arkansas is one of the few states not to have a professional team, so we’ve worked with BetSaracen to deliver specialized solutions that can price local college teams with unparalleled efficiency. So much so, our trading team is up there with the best when it comes to pricing Arkansas college sports! 

SBC: Looking at the last 12 months, Amelco’s gone from strength-to-strength with a raft of new states as well as major expansion with the likes of Hard Rock. What are your plans for 2023? 

BW: We plan to get bigger and better! We are really excited as 2023 will see us launch with several big-name operators across the continent. We also plan to expand into Canada this year with one of the market’s biggest players, which is going to be a great way to start building our profile throughout other regions. 

Further south, rolling out in new US states is going to be another major part of our agenda. The launch in Maryland is a really historic landmark, where our retail technology is set to be the first to be deployed in an NFL stadium.

SBC: Onto one of the hottest sports betting topics stateside, you’ve just announced your micro-betting deal with Simplebet. How big do you see the hype being for this and what’s making it so special? 

BW: We’re thrilled about the partnership. It’s yet another step in the right direction, with a large focus on micro-betting, placing us in good stead ahead of several major sporting events this year, starting with the MLB season and NBA playoffs. 

Simplebet will be available in all of the 14 states that we are currently live in and we are certain that this partnership will continue to help our operators’ progression. We all know how fast micro-betting is taking off, as it’s the first time that punters can bet in-play on singular events, effectively creating a win-win for bettors and operators. We are looking forward to experiencing what is hopefully a very prosperous step in the right direction. 

Working together is going to propose a real differentiator for us, and it’s clear Simplebet is paving the way in the micro-betting space. With a mission to power the future of fan engagement, offering such a product enables us to deliver these fine margins for operators, complementing the on-screen entertainment with fast-action, high turnover betting. 

SBC: Last but not least. onto the show and Amelco’s further expansion – what’s going to be your message to delegates? 

BW: We see the show as a great chance to build our brand while engaging with potential partners to work out exactly how we can tailor the delivery of our product to best suit the needs and requirements of our clientele. 

As a B2B supplier, we genuinely believe that we offer the most comprehensive product in the market. Visibly our platform is a solid, all-round product that captures everything under one roof, providing all of the resources an operator needs to truly excel within a highly demanding and competitive market. 

The last five years of going live in several US states has only highlighted the statement that we truly are only just getting started. We believe that we can continue to add value in terms of delivery, especially the expectation of a number of big states still to regulate in the coming years.

A major part of our message will always be our proprietary technology, which I can confidently say is some of the best available. As a result of continuous improvement and pushing for perfection, we believe that by the end of this year we’ll be on the right path to be challenging big names such as DraftKings and FanDuel. 

That’s really down to the dedication and determination of our team, as we’ve been truly punching above our weight to reach this level. We’re looking forward to keeping that going – as well as bringing our partners another year of standout success. 


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